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Concrete is the collaborative practice of choreographer and sound artist Rae Champion and composer and sound artist Tristan Shorr. Their joint practice focuses on urgent political agendas highlighting and questioning whilst giving space to public voice and opinion.


They use technology to manipulate, intercept and re-choreograph sound and space often playing with language form, voice tones and sonic data. The work materializes in multidisciplinary forms spanning live improvisation, immersive installation and audio lead experiences.


The work aims to establish platforms and performance where the public are invited to interact with and/or create alongside the artists, adapting the work through their intervention.


CONCRETE (formally AOD/ Art Of Disappearing) have presented work in the UK and internationally at venues and festivals such as V&A, Brighton Festival, Bold Tendencies and the European Space Agency.


They are open to collaborations that help to highlight issues related to their performance research.

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