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Commissioned by the European Space Agency this installation was created to mark the 20th anniversary of the XMM-Newton Satellite.

Bound by rules and laws set through both a response to specific x-ray data from XMM-Newton and new scientific findings, five music score create a cycle of investigative sound relating to a repetitive flare from a Super Massive Black Hole. The raw x-ray data is also used to create the sound itself, feeding data into various sound processors and analog hardware, forming the framework to this unusual sonic environment.

The sculpture in this installation represents a porous reflection of a possible section of world. An image of an eternally swallowed and spat out earth, consumed and sent back from the event horizon as a miniature version, a cylindrical slice. 


ESA Photographs 6_edited.jpg
ESA Photographs 6.3 - 1 (1).jpg
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